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The sovereignty of a state is its ability of being autonomous and independent in making laws, authority over resources, populations, territory, and organizations within the confines of its territory without coercion of other nations. But in Nigeria the reverse is the case ranging from its over dependency and usage of foreign imported goods, to most… Continue reading NIGERIA AND ITS QUESTIONABLE SOVEREIGNTY.

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Governor David Umahi, blessed a pregnant woman.

A woman named Nwankwo Gloria from Ishieke Izzi local government area, has today find compassion in the eyes of the Ebonyi State Governor when he saw her among the labourers mixing concrete in the ongoing mushroom farm project, in the state capital. On sighting the heavily  pregnant woman, governor Umahi was moved to relieve her… Continue reading Governor David Umahi, blessed a pregnant woman.

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Natural way to give your marriage a treat.

Everyđź‘« couple needs to be healthy and strong. Every đź‘« couple needs to make love twice a day in order to experience a very, very happy relationship. Most women complain of low libido especially after child birth and lots of men are unable to do the needful as a result of stress and other health… Continue reading Natural way to give your marriage a treat.