Government of Today · Nigeria


The sovereignty of a state is its ability of being autonomous and independent in making laws, authority over resources, populations, territory, and organizations within the confines of its territory without coercion of other nations. But in Nigeria the reverse is the case ranging from its over dependency and usage of foreign imported goods, to most of our industrial companies been run by expatriates and importation of refined oil. Nigeria is still under the influence of neo-colonialism by Britain and other western countries, in the sense that if we don’t do their biding or make policies that will be favorable to them they will hike prices and or make scarce the availability of imported goods and place sanctions on us directly or indirectly.

Though no state has an absolute sovereignty, some have Relatively High sovereignty while some theirs are Relatively Low. This is so because no nation can exist on its own, other nations must have what you want, how and when you want it, hence, Treaties, Bilateral Agreements and other memorandum of understanding are signed between nations. The need to be a member of international bodies such as United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), European Union (EU) and a host of others is very pertinent.

Nigeria a third world country unlike Russia and most other foreign countries has a Relatively Low sovereignty. Using Russia as a case study, in late February 2014 when her military intervened in Ukraine prompted a number of governments to place sanctions on Individuals, Businesses, and Officials from Russia. Sanctions were approved by the United States, EU and other international bodies. Russia responded with sanctions against a number of countries, including a total ban on food imports from the EU, United States, Norway, Canada, and Australia, hence giving rise to “What we don’t produce, we don’t consume”.

Before the emergence of the Buhari’s administration Nigeria’s sovereignty was been questioned by the control of most northern states by Boko haram which included bombing of properties and loss of lives. Even currently the agitation in the south east by the Independent people of Biafra (IPOB) and bombing of pipelines, mini refineries, and gas stations by Niger Deltans are cause for worry.

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